How to Build a Free Website in One Minute

How to Build a Free Website in One Minute

A Live Website in Just 6 Focused Steps

…and 1 minute of your time

From Carson

The idea behind the new design of our SiteBuilder is to allow for you to focus on each small task of installing a website. Although there are just a few steps that are extremely easy to complete, they can seem overwhelming if they are not presented as 6 completely separate Steps.

Here is my explanation of the steps to build your WordPress website in under a minute!

Step 1: Choose a Type of Site to Build

Install your website on a FREE sub domain OR on a Domain that is Registered (one you may own). The other option is to go and register a new domain. Our SiteDomain registration process also uses the same method of a stacked step-through – super easy to follow!

Step 2: Choose a Domain

Choose a domain name for your website. Again, really simple, and if you choose to install on a domain you own, you can also choose from a drop down if the domain has already been added to our hosting here at WA.

Step 3: Choose a Name

Choose a name for your website – this is just the TITLE of your site and it can be changed at any time.

Step 4: Choose a Category

Choose a category for your website – This is a new feature that we have added so that we can have a grasp of what kind of website you are building. We have BIG plans for this, so its important to categorize your websites when you build them.

** Any websites built with our previous website installer can still have Categories added. To do this, simply visit your SiteManager page, then click on “Details” next to your website. Website categories can be set through that page!

Step 5: Choose a Theme

This process has also been totally redesigned. You can easily find beautiful themes, add themes to your favorites, see themes that you’ve previously installed, and view theme details directly from the theme designers themselves.

Step 6: Review & Build your Site!

\After a quick review, click the “Build my website” button and you’ll have your website installed and live on the Internet in just a few short moments!


Our goal has always been to simplify complex technical processes and make them into easy to follow platforms that everyone can make use of! With this update to our WordPress Website Builder here at WA we’ve built an easy to use, fast, and fun system that will get you up and running with a powerful (and beautiful) website in a matter of minutes.

Try it here and see what you think.


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